Mortal Wounds

Mortal Wounds

ACKS has a Mortal Wounds rule which gives characters hitting 0hp or less a chance to survive — and provides scarred and crippled veterans. As an old WFRP (1st edition!) fan I like the table quite a bit, but… I do have a few issues with it.

I’m really not such a fan of delaying the description of the manner the character went down till someone goes and administers to them. The timing is wrong, especially considering some of the results the table gives: “A red stain and shards of bone are all that remain.” …that should really be apparent the moment someone is hit, methinks. :)


  • If a competent healer administers Cure Serious Wounds on the next round (during the next 10 seconds), a CON +3 character will always survive at least another turn (10 minutes.) No matter what damage has been done.
  • If the same healer delays for an hour, it can turn out that the character was instantly killed the moment they were hit — an hour ago — and “The bloody mess that was once your body is dimly recognizable.” …so why did the healer waste a Cure Serious Wounds on the obvious corpse? Because on a better roll it could have turned out OK, with the wounded party needing nothing more than some magical healing and a night’s rest…

These aren’t huge issues, but they are glitches.

Options I’m contemplating are changing it so that the roll is made when the injury is received (instead of when someone tries to administer treatment), and completely rewriting the table to a WFRP-style critical hit table.

Must Think On This. Will play RAW for a while yet, though.

Still, I’m pretty amused by the fact that adding a table like this to a OD&Dish game decreases mortality: instead of dying outright when hitting 0hp you have a chance of surviving … or being horribly disfigured. :P