Armitage Files

One, two, … is this thing on?

Uh. Hi.

I’ve been playing RPGs for almost 30 years now, and running them for 20 or so. This is a blog about that sort of stuff.

Games I’m playing: none. :/

Games I’m running:

Trail of Cthulhu. We started um, a bit under two (three? I’d have to look it up) years ago, and have been mostly playing the Armitage Files campaign — but with some sidetrips. Right now characters have just returned to States after a Bookhounds of London -inspired jaunt to England to locate a cure for the mystical parasite that is afflicting the wife of one of the characters. Next session: next month.

Nobilis (3ed). We started with the second edition just before the 3rd came out — and promptly started converting into the new system… and now we’re finally there. The characters have just experienced 8 months of missing time, their estates have gone all wonky, one character’s anchor is trying to play band manager of sort to the familia, and there’s at least one deceiver on the loose. There have also been exploding cakes, and air pirates in zeppelins. Last two sessions have had only two players in them due to scheduling issues, but I finally decided it’s better to play with a short table than not play at all — and Nobilis makes generating plausible excuses for missing people fairly easy. Next session: next Friday.

Adventurer Conqueror King. Not actually running yet, but starting this week. And old-school dungeon crawl into the original version of Caverns of Thracia. It’s been ages since I’ve run anything remotely like this. Not sure I ever really have run anything remotely like this. My last fantasy game of note was a sprawling Earthdawn campaign almost 10 years ago — quite a different beast. As a game ACKS tickles me in a good way, but while I appreciate the attention that has gone into the domain management parts they are unlikely to matter in the least for this game. I picked ACKS mainly because it has a nice OD&D aesthetic, reads well, and mostly seems in tune with the way I tend to think about this sort of gaming. That said, I’m vaguely thinking about running a bunch of retro-clones and maybe some of the original versions in a sequence just to see the differences, but we’ll see how this goes first. Next session: this Sunday.


Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber. I’ve somehow always managed to miss the Lankhmar stories, but I finally decided to fix that. Definitely enjoying the ride so far.


Pearl Jam, Alive.