13th Age: Icon Relationship Roll Frequency

I just (literally a minute ago) realized one of my problems with the Icon Relationship Roll is its frequency.

Given how relatively short our sessions are, and how large a chunk of them has so far been eaten up by fights, the rolls are far too frequent. Three sessions in, the characters just had their first full heal-up; there have been three fights, though depending on how you count them they qualify as 4-6, really. All this has happened within less than 24h of game time.

During that time we’ve rolled Icon Relationships three times. If this frequency continues it means on average 5 Icon “interventions” per fight, and 15 of them per a day of in-game time. The current adventure will probably continue for at least 3 sessions more, which means I can expect a ballpark total of 30 Icon interventions for this single adventure! If all adventures occur at a similar pace, it will also mean that every Icon Relationship the characters have is exceedingly likely to feature in every single adventure.

Uh, yeah, that is wonky. Wonky in many ways. I wonder what frequency Tweet’s and Heinsoos’ games actually have?

I don’t have a solution yet (hey, it’s been now maybe 15 minutes since I realized this issue!), but I’m thinking about it. Some sort of cap seems in order. At most 1 roll per full heal-up? At most 1 roll per day/week/something?

Given the thinking behind my previous attempt to tweak the icon relationship roll rules, have the hunch that I may want to have different caps for different purposes. Maybe instead of splitting the results between boons and complications based on 5s and 6s I should ask for eg. boon rolls per full heal-up and complication rolls per scenario?

That doesn’t sound half bad, actually.

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