Fresh Arrivals


Picked up a D30 today at the game store. I’m adding the Rule of the D30 to our house rules for this weekend. I think it’s a fun idea — and hopefully the players will too. I’m expecting that many will want to save it for Mortal Wounds rolls, but… we’ll see. :)

Today I also got a paper copy of the original Caverns of Thracia: until now I’d been running it using a (legit!) PDF of the 3.5 version, and scans of the original. We’re on sound moral basis now — and this is easier to read to boot.

So, now I’m settling down to read it with a glass of whisky. Not the most exciting Friday of my life, but about all I can handle right now. ;)


  1. Lovely. I need to get that at some point. Most likely when we’ve played all the way through it. Then I’ll inflict the Caverns of Thracia on my own players… :)

    1. I was a bit worried about the bidding at first, but it seems that old RPG stuff is much less contested on than on

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