Wind in Petals: It Happened on the Way to Earth

(Nobilis Actual Play)

Story so Far

It’s complicated.


HJ — Tiny, Cuteness
JV — Yu Hao, Structural Weaknesses
NA — Lahja, Gifts
TS — Lempo, Bugs

Tiny is on Earth, having chased two members of the corrupted cult there, which also resulted in a run-in with a very polite but damned inconvenient Excrucian.

Yu Hao is falling from the sky. His ear itches, and comes off. He hits the ground but is mostly OK. Except for the ear, and feeling strangely weak.

Lempo introduces Yu Hao to their new headquarters, explains how they all seem to be missing eight months of time, mentions something about the cult, and tries to locate a non-pink bath for Yu Hao. At the end Yu Hao flees the Palace of Powers to Hilton. While taking a bath he learns that Tibet has been granted limited autonomy in response to international pressure, and realizes that THAT’s why his ear fell off.

Meanwhile Tiny returns to the chancel with one of the cultists in tow (the other one having had his face burned off), and hands him off to the Royal Police.

Somewhat later they hold council. No-one knows where Lahja is. Tiny and Lempo bring Yu Hao somewhat up to date. It is decided to interrogate the cultists. Yu Hao is obviously upset about something, but won’t say what. His ear is still missing, so he picks up and promptly anchors a wide-brimmed ha before they go out. In the holding facility, just as they’re about to enter the cells Lahja falls out from the wall. She too is missing the last eight months.

Interrogations don’t go too well. Yu Hao’s interrogation strategies do not win universal approval — he seems to be really on the edge. Lempo tries to convince the cultists that he is on their side and will help them against the others — with limited success. They learn little new, except for minor details on how the cultists intended to kill Egesimmon, their imperator. Apparently the cult uses a cell structure, and has decent op-sec. Not perfect, but annoyingly good. The familia doesn’t have their Good God, Bad God routine really down yet.

Considering their options, they decide to visit the day before to snatch the cellphone of one of the cultists before that annoying Excrucian destroys it. En route to the past they haggle their way past a guardian spirit of time: they’re not on his list, but after convincing him of their good intentions he puts them down as “These guys went to the past. They said it was really important. Not my fault.” Lahja discovers that her estate is acting a bit strangely: it seems that gifts are making people expect more gifts, which while not a serious aberration isn’t really the way things should work either.

In Hansalinna of the past they immediately head for the apartment some of the cultists had been using as their base, and apprehend Peter Saariaho before he can escape. Luckily Lempo discovers the explosives rigged to explode before they do: Yu Hao flies them high up so they can go BOOM with minimal collateral damage. It was apparently the same bomb that would go off tomorrow in the tram. Lahja locates Peter’s cell and briefcase full of ritual parnaphelia.

As attempts to interrogate Mr. Saariaho reveal nothing at all, despite some intra-familia dissent, Yu Hao executes him. There is mysterious call on the landline of the cultists apartment, which seems to come from the long dead husband of Lahja. Is he alive and connected to the cultists? Lempo alerts the Royal Police and Amanda Russel is also apprehended, but Ilkka Vanhanen (the third cultist) remains at large.

A couple of days of R&R — during which Yu Hao also notices issues with his estate — and the Familia is heading back to the present to see what results their meddling in the past had… and to check out the numbers in Peter’s cell, which is inoperative in the Chancel where analog technology rules.

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