Competent Personnel?

Proficient Townies

Level 0 characters have four or more general proficiencies in ACKS. Here’s a table I put together for quickly determining the proficiencies of a henchman. …of course, should the characters explicitly be looking for someone with a specific skillset, that’s a completely different thing. This is my idea of what a random man of the street answering a call for “Shieldbearers Wanted: Moderate Risk, EXTREME REWARDS! GOLD UP FRONT!” might know.

RAW doesn’t give henchies Adventuring at all, but I think it’s fun to give it a fair chance. It also seems obvious to me that 20% of henchies are inveterate gamblers. :)

It turns out that Adventuring should count as three proficiencies: so if you want stay true to the designer’s intent, henchies with Adventuring should get only one other proficiency.

d100   Proficiency
1-15   Adventuring
16     Alchemy
17     Animal Husbandry
18     Animal Training
19     Art
20-21  Bargaining
22     Caving
23     Collegiate Wizardry
24-25  Craft
26     Diplomacy
27     Disguise
28-29  Endurance
30     Engineering
31-50  Gambling
51     Healing
52-53  Intimidation
54     Knowledge
55-60  Labor
61-63  Language
64     Leadership
65     Lip Reading
66-67  Manual of Arms
68     Mapping
69     Military Strategy
70-71  Mimicry
72-73  Naturalism
74-75  Navigation
76     Performance
77-79  Profession
80     Riding
81-82  Seafaring
83-86  Seduction
87     Siege Engineering
88     Signaling
89-90  Survival
91     Theology
92-93  Tracking
94-95  Trapping
96+    Extra rank in another proficiency

You’re a What?

EDIT: Eh, I’m blind. Page 248 has rules for NPC parties, which does the same job — only better. I’ll leave this here as a metaphorical egg on my face.

When the characters try to hire someone with levels in a class, who do they find if they’re willing to take on anyone? Based on p. 237, with some pulled-out-of-my-butt extrapolation.

d100    RACE
1-70    Human
71-85   Elf
86-100  Dwarf

For demi-humans, pick a class, any class. For humans, roll below.

d100   CLASS
1-38   Fighter
39-42  Explorer*
43-44  Barbarian*
45-61  Thief
62-66  Bard*
67-82  Cleric
83-87  Bladedancer
88     Priestess*
89-98  Mage
99     Mystic*
100    Shaman*

[* If you’re not using the Companion, replace with the class above.]

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