Character Considerations, Part II

(See Part I for context.)

New house rule for chargen in my Guild of Dungeoneers game:

    New Players:

  1. Player rolls up five sets of abilities. Picks three and hand the rest to the Judge.
  2. Player develops one character from these ability scores, and writes the others down for future reference.
  3. Judge develops two 0-level henchmen out of the scores the player handed them.
  4. Hiring checks are waived for those two henchmen, should the player choose to employ them. Old drinking buddies, or something. They’re even willing to work for promise of gold to come without any cash up front. Normal morale and loyalty rules apply, though.
    Existing Players:

  • Players can make upto two additional characters if they choose to, using the previously rolled ability scores. (Rolling another set as above if they’ve been used up already.) Making up additional characters should not delay getting the session rolling, though.
  • Players with additional characters can choose which to play in each session — but only one character per session.
  • Once a character has been played even once, XP can no longer be put into reserve for that character. Inheritance arrangements can still be made, though.

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