Escaping the Dungeon! – Again

Inspired by Jeff Rients’ and the Alexandrian’s rules for the same thing, this is what we’re using in my Caverns of Thracia game to decide who gets out if a session ends with the characters still in the dungeon.

Escaping The Dungeon -rules

If characters are still in the dungeon at the end of the session, unless everyone present can schedule a new game within 7 days, these rules are used to determine if the characters can get out of the dungeon. These rules can and will be applied to non-dungeon settings as well when it seems appropriate.

Each character gets a separate Escape Throw on a d20. Those characters that are in a group can hinder or help each other via Heroic Sacrifice if they choose to. If the throw succeeds, the character escapes the dungeon relatively unscathed.

Every point the throw fails by represents d6 damage to the character. Characters reduced to 0hp or below get a Mortal Wounds roll if there are enough surviving comrades willing to carry them out – others are lost in the dungeon, exact fate left to the Judge’s whim.

Escape Throw

Characters are lost in the dungeon 15+
Characters knows where they are 10+


Opposition on the way out is below character’s level +5
Opposition on the way out is above character’s level -5

Heroic Sacrifice

Taking a -3 penalty on your own throw allows you to gives a +2 bonus to another character. Vice versa, giving another character a -3 penalty gains you a +2 bonus.

You can choose to give one bonus by taking a penalty, and gain one bonus by giving a penalty. Taking a penalty represents selfless sacrifice and giving one represents sacrificing others for your own gain.

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